Agrofirma Korsun — is your reliable partner

Agrofirma Korsun
— is your reliable partner

Agrofirma Korsun has been your trusted supplier of high-quality agricultural products for over 20 years.

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Who we are

Agrofirma Korsun  has 20 years of experience in agribusiness development and management in Ukraine.

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Pig farm

Agrofirma Korsun has a pig complex with 1589 heads of pigs.

Animal husbandry


Sheep farm

Agrofirma Korsun has a sheep farm with 227 sheep.

Animal husbandry

15,000 tons

Seed processing plant

Agrofirma Korsun has a seed processing plant with a capacity of 15,000 tons per year, which is approximately 300,000 sowing units.

Crop production

185 units

Agricultural machinery

Agrofirma Korsun has its own fleet of 185 units of agricultural machinery, including John Deere, Jaguar, New Holland and Case tractors, Ropa combines, DAF and Scania trucks.


2,159-head of cattle

Dairy farm

Agrofirma Korsun has two dairy farms with a herd of 2159 cattle, providing more than 25,000 liters of high-quality milk daily.

Animal husbandry

21,799 hectares

Land bank

Located in Cherkasy and Zvenigorod raions of Cherkasy oblast, the farm comprises 21,799.56 hectares of agricultural arable land for growing grain and industrial crops.

Crop production

Our team

Our team consists of dedicated experts who work together to achieve our mission and vision. We value teamwork, professionalism, and continuous improvement.

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Mykhailo Savchenko
Developing, leading and coordinating strategic and operational activities
Chief Accountant
Tetyana Lapinska
Ensuring maintenance of accounting records
Crop Production Manager
Oleksiy Klepka
Crop production management
Crop Production

Agrofirma Korsun is always open for a mutually beneficial and transparent partnership.

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